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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Calvin!  Here's the information that Storyline sends to an LMS from quiz slides that are included in the results slide reporting.

  • Can you simply not include those quiz questions in the results slide?
  • Or...does the question have to be an actual quiz slide?  You could use triggers to make sure the student interacts with the slide without making it an actual quiz slide.
  • Or 😊 ...could you mask the question slide using another question type?  So maybe you use a true or false question type, and move those choices off the visible slide stage.  Then, they answer what you're visibly asking, but it actually adjusts the true/false button states.  

    Think of it as laundering their answers.

Let me know if any of those ideas are good for you!


Calvin Lo

So basically, we just don't want the answers to be recorded in the LMS. but the quiz should be intact and graded and recorded.

Also another question, when does Storyline submit those quiz information to the LMS? Only when they get to the result slide? or right after submitting their answer to a question?

Leslie McKerchie

Ah, gotcha. Well, as you can see from the information that Crystal shared above, it is sent. The question details will not be sent if you are publishing to SCORM 1.2.

Not sure if someone in the community has some coding to prevent this, but hopefully they will chime in to assist if you cannot use special LMS reporting.