Do not send student_response to LMS

Aug 03, 2017

Hi is there a way to prevent sending the student_response to the LMS? Does it need to be tracked at all? Or if any of you have experience with Sumtotal? Is there a way to hide it from the reporting page? thanks for any help!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Calvin!  Here's the information that Storyline sends to an LMS from quiz slides that are included in the results slide reporting.

  • Can you simply not include those quiz questions in the results slide?
  • Or...does the question have to be an actual quiz slide?  You could use triggers to make sure the student interacts with the slide without making it an actual quiz slide.
  • Or 😊 ...could you mask the question slide using another question type?  So maybe you use a true or false question type, and move those choices off the visible slide stage.  Then, they answer what you're visibly asking, but it actually adjusts the true/false button states.  

    Think of it as laundering their answers.

Let me know if any of those ideas are good for you!


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