Do you change the resolution of your Storyline projects and why?

Lately I've been seeing .story files that deviate from the default 4:3 and 16:9 story size, often doubling the resolution size (e.g. 720x540 becomes 1280x1024). I can imagine that perhaps the images, text and videos come out better after publishing but haven't really had an issue with the default settings.

I was wondering if You do it and why?

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Judy Nollet

I've done it for resolution reasons, especially since the default widescreen setting really means "let's just use the middle part of the regular format." If someone needs to read text (which they do for compliance-related courses), they at least deserve to have that text set at a comfortable size, instead of looking like legalese fine print.

Recently, I also set up my 4:3 template to match the size of a PowerPoint slide. It always bugged me when I'd design a layout in PPT and then have to adjust the sizes after copying something to Storyline. (I prep a lot of graphics in PPT to use its features. I especially appreciate its paste-as-PNG option.)