Do you have tips for preparing a Storyline project for a translation service?

Oct 31, 2019

I realized that I needed to understand how to prepare a Storyline project for translation when the translation company (TC) came back with questions regarding a graphic that was not used in the course, but it was in a master slide.  The TC was using the Media Library to look for graphics that contain text, a great use of the feature and in the future I will do it.  I want to develop a translation checklist so that I can reduce the translation process cycle time.  Here are my first 2 items:

1) Review Media Library for dead or unused graphics

2) Export for translation and identify that all text is present, no superfluous text is present.

Any words of wisdom?

Thank you

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Diane Fallier

I did translation in my previous job. I'll try to remember here what I put together for developers.

  1. Don't let text boxes overlap graphics. Translated text is frequently longer than English and this caused problems.
  2. Don't overlap text boxes. This happens sometimes with beginner Storyline developers.
  3. When possible text should not be embedded in the graphic but should be an overlay.
  4. Leave 30% white space on a slide to ensure enough room for translated text.
  5. Don't use tabs to format text columns. Use either separate text boxes or a table.

Hope this helps. I'm looking forward to seeing other words of wisdom.

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