Do you know if Articulate has fixed their accesibility bug for not being 508 compliance in simple drop down question?

Hi all,

We use both Storyline 360 and S2 and we used a lot of "drop down questions" as its probably the most basic type of question needed in any e-learnign course.

Allmost one year ago I opened the following post indicating that even this drop down question was included in the list of activities anounced as 508 compatible by Articulate formaly it wasnt as it was imposible for the JAWS (and other readers) to read trouth the answers listed in the drop down list.

This error/bug was recognized by Articulate but I´m affraid they havent progress much in the solution.

Does anybody know if there has been any progres there? this is important as it makes mostly any e-learning course made with 360 not accessible compliance.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ramos,

Thanks so much for checking in. I'm really sorry that this bug has taken longer to solve than anyone would like. I know that it's been a roadblock for your learners, and I can tell how frustrating this has been for you.

I'm going to bring this issue up with my team again. I promised to keep you updated as we move forward on finding a solution!

Ramos A

Hello, Articulate staff...

I´m wondering if by any chance is there any update about this issue. From my perspective drop-down questions are a very important feature of any quizz generation authoring tool (almost a basic essential/must have). When we first reported this issue three years ago we´ve been told that this was being fixed, but its being very frustrating to see no progress in this fix after all this time. This brings your tools to a VERY limited degree of accessibility compliance.

Sorry for my comment but 3 years seems to me more than a reasonable time to fix an important issue, if there is a real intention to do so, but it seems to us that we got some good words from the staff indicating this was in progress but nothing has been done.

We´ll appreciate a precise answer to know; if something has been fixed to make your drop/down question 508 accessible, (yes/no) and very specially if its planned to make workable (yes/no/when).

Thanks very much in advance,