Docebo LMS - Using a custom variable in Storyline 2 and reporting that variable to the LMS as a score

Hello everyone,

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or tips.

Firstly, this applies specifically to Docebo LMS and Storyline 2.

Here's my issue:

We have a custom variable inside of Storyline 2 called "TradeCredits". This is a numeric variable that can be as high as almost 20,000, which we want to count as the learner's score, rather than the default quiz score built into Storyline 2.

I have follow this tutorial, as well as other similar tutorials to make this work, to no avail:

In this tutorial they are using Articulate Online, so I think that may be where my issues lies, perhaps Docebo LMS doesn't support this feature?

The issues is, having set everything up as described in the linked tutorial above, and then going into Docebo, uploading the course, taking the course and then generating a report, the score reported is always "0.00". It doesn't recognize the custom variable at all. There are 4 different scoring options in the Advanced Settings on the LMS, as seen in the attached screenshot. I have tried each of these options (each time deleting the course, and re-uploading first) and each time I get a score of 0.00. 

Does anyone here use Docebo LMS + Storyline 2, and have any of you had success in reporting a custom variable to it? Any help is greatly appreciated. We want to get this taken care of as soon as possible, it's a new idea for us and we're really excited to show it to our customer and have them compete for the highest score.



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