Dockable Panels Gone Wild

Oct 28, 2014

After I clicked on something in the trigger's editing panel by accident...BOOM! The panels undocked and instantly move to the upper left corner of my screen.

The problem is, half of the panels are sitting outside of my monitor. The bigger problem is there no way to move them (I can only resize them to the right and down, but that does not help anything). The biggest problem is, there seems to be no way to dock them back to default location.

I can't work like this.

Please help before I have to re-install Storyline 2 to get rid of the problem.

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Shawn Martin

Is there a way to manage what undocked windows go on top of other windows? I'm using dual monitors, and I can't flip back and forth between Storyline and other applications without moving all of my undocked windows. Also, when I try to use other Storyline tools - the Triggers wizard, for example - they pop open under other windows, and I can't use or access them until I have moved or redocked all the undocked windows.



Shawn Martin

Right... I have my undocked panels all set up on my second monitor, allowing me a larger view of the Slide View and better access to all of the panels. I can slide the panels around, but they all retain their place on top of everything else I want to view.

For example, if I have a Firefox window open, I can Alt-Tab over to it, but it remains under the rest of the undocked panels. I can rearrange my panels so I can see bits of the Firefox window, but it always stays under all of the Storyline panels.

Also, If I were to click the pulldown menu under Redock All Windows, I can tell it's opened another window because Storyline dings whenever I click anywhere - like trying to move panels - but I can't see the Guides and Grids window. It is doing this for everything that opens a new window within Storyline.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the incredibly quick response!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shawn,

Are you only seeing this when looking at the undocked panels on your second monitor? I'm playing around with this on my one monitor today, and whenever I get to Storyline (using either alt tab or opening it from the task bar at the bottom) all my undocked panels appear - and I can't get just one other window such as Firefox to always stay under the Storyline panels. 



Does anyone have any advice for resizing the content within an undocked panel?  I am also using dual monitors with my undocked panels off to the side, and I can't figure out how to get them to expand.  I have resized the actual window, but it doesn't seem to affect the contents.  This feels like a very silly question, but I'm at a loss, here.

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