Documentation of Developed Content

Hi All,

We are looking to standardize a form or way of recording what resources are used in the development of the course for ensuring changes can be made easily in future versions. Has anyone tacked this?

Looking for something that might contain a record of things such as:

Characters used - Voices Used in Narration - PowerPoint Version - Storyline Version etc.,

We have several courses that we did not document already and changes have become hard to match voices and such as we had many hands on deck at that point in time.

Thought that I'd check here first and see if anyone had something similar? 

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Walt Hamilton

I run Access with SL. Everything that goes in SL is entered into Access; Project name, slide name, layer, item name,item type, original location, source, copyright info, etc.

I've also done it in Excel, placing the graphics in a cell as a comment. That way, the rows and columns can stay normal size, but when you roll over them, the graphics pop up.