Documents no longer opening in the Resources tab in Storyline

Jun 09, 2016


I've read through the posts regarding this issue but I'm not seeing the same issue or a result so here goes...

I have added 6 .pdf documents as resources in my Storyline file. The documents were on my c:\drive which is where I create my elearning from. The elearning was published in CD format and then it was posted on Sharepoint for learners to access. 

After the project completes I move all of the files (.story file, .pdf docs and a copy of the published version) over to our network for backup, etc.

Someone has now tried to access the .pdf docs from the resources tab and is getting an error. Likewise when I try to access the docs from the published version I'm getting an error message as well.

My understanidng was that those files are embedded within Storyline once they are added as resources. In other words, the files aren't being accessed from the drive where they originally sat when they were added as resources. Is this not correct? Why are the files no longer opening?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

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