Does an object trigger pause the timeline?

Mar 30, 2013

I have triggers set up as shown in the image. According to my understanding there are 3 ways to navigate to the next slide - Timeline, Object (Start button) and Player (Next button) ... In properties for the layer, the slide advances = USER. 

Difficulty is that when the time line ends, the slide does not advance to next slide ... I have to either press the Next button or the object ... am I missing something ...

Is there a hierarchy of triggers / does the time line pause if a trigger is placed on an object?

I have the same jump to next slide trigger on my first slide and it work correctly!

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Meryem M


There is a hierarchy of triggers.  They fire in order, from top to bottom. So the hierarchy is probably not your problem.

You mentioned a layer.  Does this slide have a layer on which the timeline of the base layer is paused?  If so, when you the layer is showing, the first trigger won't fire, and the slide will wait for Button 1 or the NEXT button to be clicked.

I hope this helps.  If not, can you post the story file with this slide so we can take a look?

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