Does anybdy know of a self contained LMS solution for storyline?

Jun 08, 2014

I am working on-site for a client in central Asia and they do not have a LMS- its a self contained project so it will stay at its present location.     Does anybody know of a localized LMS (like) solution that I can install on individual PCs in their computer lab that would be able to contain ~ 40 storyline activities?  Even a creative solution would be helpful.  There is really no need for tracking and actual management - although that would be nice.   Can I download a local version of moodle? or another LMS?


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Dan Marsden

the links on this page allow you to download self-contained Moodle installs that include a webserver, database server and Moodle.

You can install these on your local desktop machines however they are not for installing a "shared server" - they are really only used for testing Moodle on your local machine.

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