Does anybody use Translation in Storyline


I am just starting to look at providing our courses in multiple languages, but from the forum posts, it sounds like the export/import feature is problematic at best, and useless at worst.

Are there any success stories for using this?  OR  what do you do to provide courses in multiple languages.

Thanks in advance!!


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Michael Hinze

I have worked on eight massive modules that were originally developed in En and then translated into French. The translation feature worked well, with only a handful of 'hiccups' per module that were easily fixed. The real issue was not the translation feature, but adjusting text boxes, button lables etc. to fit the often longer Fr text into the existing layout.

Bruce Graham

I use it regularly, and on the whole it is OK - certainly faster than anything else I have tried to do!

It does seem to have some issues, but these (as all issues do...) seem to vary from customer to customer.

I have now successfully created a series of 5 courses in 9 languages for a major US Insurance company.

My advice would be to try it, and just make sure that you contact Support with any issues.

Hope that helps.

Terry Bell

Thanks for the quick responses!  I did try it with one of my modules, and the export failed everytime.  I tried creating more and more simple lessons until I just had 3 slides with plain text - the export still failed.  

I read another thread here:

and followed instructions from Robert Stewart to enable  "allow local activation security check exemptions" in Windows 8.  I was then able to export the plain text lesson. (yay)

I then created a new lesson (as was suggested in the same thread) and imported a very simple piece of my real lesson (no text variables, no animations, very few interactions).  The export failed again.  

I will contact support about my specific issues, but it is encouraging to know that some people have been able to use this feature.