Does Anyone Have Publish to Word Hacks?

Hello! Does anyone have a process, procedure, hack, etc. for publishing an SL 360 course to Word in a way that doesn't require me to go through literally every slide to lock it in place? 

Right now I publish to word as Large with notes, which gives me a single slide on each page. This works well for me, but when I need to add another screenshot for, say a state change or something, the screenshots jump all over the place, go on top of one another or even disappear entirely! It's a pain.

What are your Publish to Word practices that make this a little easier to manage? Thanks!

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Heather Vogt

Talking to myself here, BUT this what I'm currently trying:

screenshot>picture tools>format>arrange>wrap text>tight and "fix position on page" (notice that "Move with text" is deselected..that seems like a good thing!)>More layout options>position>lock anchor

Hitting F4 in an Office product repeats your last keystroke, so *try* to use that to make this go a little faster. Note: I haven't had 100% success with this, but it works sometimes!

AND I'm using Word 2016 and SL 360.