Does Articulate Mobile Player App Support File Sharing ?

May 23, 2012

I would like to know if Articulate Mobile Player App Support File Sharing?   If it does, is it possible to me to put the Published Storyline folder in the articulate application via iTunes ?  Or what do I really need to put in there ?

My Objective is to trasfer my published storyline folders to the iPad via a USB connection, the using iTune should do it (assuming the Mobile Player has File Sharing).  See this link: 

Does anyone know of any other method of using a USB connector to put my published material on the iPad directly without using WiFi or the internet (one of the requirements that was given to me).

I would appreciate any suggestions.



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Gary Wong

Hi Peter:

Are you saying Articulate Mobile App doesn't support this USB transfer ??   I understand that it doesn't support USB transfer.    Or are you saying using a third part to put the published information correctly in the iPad Mobile App will also have issues too ??

What happens if I was able to put the published material in the correct way within the Mobile Player Application using a third party software that can transfer from PC to the Mobile app via the USB connection???

Thank You,


Gary Wong

Hi Justin Wilcox and Peter Anderson:

I have been working on stuying how to transfer a new presentation to the iPad over a USB port.   I remember that you both said it can't be done.   I took me a while, but I was able to update iPad Presentations using USB port.

I think what you both really want to say was that it was possible to transfer the file to the iPad, but the application icon will not play the files you send over.

What I needed was just to update all of my presentation each week using the USB port (complete update).  So I create the presentations icons on the iPad by transferring it over the WiFi and using the Articulate Player to save it to the iPad.  This was just to create the various presentations files on the library.  I was able to make these presentation just a template with small amount of data so the file size will be small.   I was able to update each of my presentation on the ipad just using the USB port and it plays correctly using the Articulate Player.

I would like to let others know that it is possible to transfer presentation complete updates vis the USB port only.

Thank You All,


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