Does Articulate Storyline 2 have a Pointer feature?

May 11, 2016

By 'pointer' feature I mean the ability to call up a single element of the presentation on multiple slides, without needing to create an additional copy of the element.

Currently, if I want to use an audio file on slide 3 and again on slide 5, I make a copy of the audio file and paste it onto the timeline for slide 5. I would like to find out if there is a way to 'point' to the appropriate audio file instead of making a separate copy.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Brett Rockwood

There isn't a library as such to do as you describe. It is a feature that some of us have requested in the past but as of now that functionality is not part of Storyline.

It is a great feature not only for audio/video but also for images allowing you update an image once and have that flow throughout a project. For example you have navigation icons used on many pages and you decide you need to change them for some reason. With a library you just change the image once and it updates every instance of it.

Mark Shepherd

Hi Beth!

I would LOVE for Articulate Storyline to be able to do the kind of thing that you are describing:

Namely, insert a REFERENCE, or a POINTER, as you describe it, to an existing element or object in the project into a particular Slide, Layer, or other commonly re-used location.

The closest feature I can find that matches this would be either the Insert Video from Web Site Option, or possibly the Insert Web Object option, both available on the INSERT TAB.

These are not really comparable, as they provide referenced links and inserts to components that are remotely hosted, not locally, but it's as close as I can arrive to for now.

Hope this helps!


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