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Christie Pollick

Hi, Surya -- Thanks for your question! Phil is correct, and this information on the Articulate Mobile Player App to be of some interest, and you might want to check out this article on Publishing for Mobile Devices. And in case you'd like to keep it handy, here our System Requirements sheet, also. :)

Alex Arathoon

Hi all, I

I note in your White paper an iPhone mobile player is soon to be released (E-Learning in a Mobile World). Can you provide any further timeframe and also what other devices will you be supporting?

I'm producing courseware for use in LearnUpon LMS and it's not sizing properly. The content is really small on the iPhone using their App. When using Safari the content isn't positioned properly. We are due to launch our course at the end of the month so it would be fantastic if the app was available very soon.

Hope to hear back with some good news soon!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Alex -- Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we are not able to announce product roadmaps or release dates for new products/features or updates. You are welcome to share your thoughts on features you'd like to see by submitting a feature request here as those go directly to our product development team.

In the meantime, you may want to review this information with our current options to Publish for Mobile Devices. Also, I'd suggest that you subscribe to the Word of Mouth Blog for updates on Articulate products and also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date.

Alex Arathoon

Hi Christine, It's a real shame Articulate isn't more transparent with their roadmap. Many other providers, like Moodle are happy to promote this it allows for planned development and the confidence that providers are going to meet our further needs.

As Articulate reject responsive design promoted by Captivate, then a Mobile solution for mobiles is desperately needed. Especially when there is the expectation that mobile solutions are already available. 

Viewing Articulate modules on the iPhone is particularly painful and detracts from the learning experience. Viewing modules in an LMS app like Litmos or LearnUpon is worse with the mod displaying in a tiny rectangle pushed to the top of the screen. Modifying or hacking CSS is not an option and doesn't solve our problem.

Due to the  limitation of mobile solution then for my clients needs perhaps I should've explored Captivate further. This would've been a shame as Articulate is so much more user-friendly and a generally, pleasure to work with.

I've submitted a request but I fear any development will come late as we are due to launch our 'mobile friendly' course at the end of this month.

If you have a team meeting I'd be grateful if you could keep this on your co-workers radar!