How Video Loading Works In Storyline 3?

Oct 06, 2018

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Today I wondered about these two questions and I hope to find some help here... it's all about HTML5 publishing and Storyline 3 and not other versions of Storyline ...

Ok Ready here it is ...

Question 1: 

 Which one happens in Storyline 3? 

A)  videos "preload" like other assets.

B)  videos "progressively download", unlike other assets.

I know in Storyline 1 and 2 option B is true, but what about Storyline 3 ???

Refer to the last paragraph of this link :

Question 2:

Let's say we put a video in "Slide 1" and it loads completely, if user leaves this first slide and go through the scenes and explore other slides, when he or she comes back to "Slide 1", does the video remain loaded or storyline will try to load it again?


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