Does recording resolution impact the player?

I created a screen recording using Storyline - resolution set at full screen.  When I preview the content the player is distorted... tiny nav buttons and the word "resources" appears like in 6 pt font.  The Menu sidebar is skinnier than normal as well. 

To troubleshoot I exported the player template used in another project that views normal and inserted it into my project... the template colors, labels, etc. display as expected but the player appearance is still wonky.

I've used full screen recordings in another project and didn't have this experience but that project has a mixture of full screen recording and 4:3 recordings.  Does the recording resolution impact the player?  If so, can I change the screen size for the recordings without re-recording?  If not, how do I fix?

Thanks for your help!!!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Shelly, 

That's a really strange one. The screen recording resolution shouldn't have any impact on the player, and I don't think I've ever heard of it doing what you describe. 

Can you try again, starting with a new .story file, and inserting your recording into that one, to see if you're able to replicate it?