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Bruce Graham

Hi Leslie,

The problem is that in Storyline, you are much more likely to create a non-linear course than in Presenter.

Perhaps it is a course with 69 slides, 15 of them are optional, 2 are lightboxes, there is a "Fast-Start" track inside the course for thse who do not want detail, 18 of the slides have between 2 and 9 layers, and there's a hidden section if you find all the elephants.

How long is the course?


Saying that, there is a tool (image below) to approximately find out the time when you publish but it has a wide margin or error to it.


Saul  Jacobs

I actually saw your timer example Phil, cool - way above my pay grade

I'm finding that the only way to tweak the player is to create master slides, that add elements as if they were part of the player. But its still limiting. For example, I want a logo top right, but when inserted via the player it kills the entire area below it. Is there no way to play with the sizing of the logo area in the xml's?