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Mark Shepherd

Hi Michael:

To my knowledge, there has been no need for any "SABA LMS patch" since Updates for Storyline 2 were released to the public in early-to-mid 2015.

Perhaps you could explain in detail what you feel you need this patch for?

IE: Is this for Mobile Player or perhaps HTML 5 display support above and beyond conventional eL project display support?

This question also depends on the VERSION of Saba you are running:

For example, if you are running version 5, certain LMS publishing settings for Reporting and Tracking (Completion) work best: Passed/Incomplete. 

If you are using version 7.x of Saba LMS, Completed/Incomplete is a better default option to choose.

Hope this helps!


PS: To clarify, it's my experience that Storyline 360 also should not require this patch, and should be comparable to the appropriate version of Saba LMS (see publishing settings above).

Michael Jones

Hey Mark,

Thanks for your reply! This is for a project for one of our clients where we've had to use the fix outlined at the link below:


It's an issue that I've rarely had to deal with before, but I've inherited the file while testing the upgrade to SL360. So, outside of the registering completion issue, I'm not sure that any other issues exist.

It sounds like we don't need the cmi.core.exit fix in SL360.

I'll have to check with the client to see what version of Saba they're using—thanks for the tip!

Michael Jones

I just heard back from the client's LMS Admin—they're using Saba Cloud.

Can any Articulate staff look into whether or not SL360 natively works with the different way Saba uses cmi.core.exit?

Is Mark correct that the fix in the old support article was applied to an updated version of SL2?

Mark Shepherd

Hi Michael:

To further clarify:

Articulate Storyline 2, while good in general, isn't perfect at cmi.core.exit handling.  Numerous community articles have referred to this issue, primarily in Storyline 1 and early versions of 2.

That being said, if you wanted to design and build a course using SL 2, (and, presumably, 360, I have not yet tested this aspect, but plan to this weekend via SCORM CLOUD) that does NOT have a Quiz that uses the LMS Reporting and Tracking settings, then merely viewing all of the slides in a given eL project is NOT sufficient to send a proper completion message to Saba LMS when a course completes using a conventional "Exit Course" Trigger.

The way myself and other eLearning Heroes here in the community have handled this is to create a Quiz Slide that LOOKS like a NORMAL Final/EXIT Course Slide, but acts as a guaranteed "pass/success" mechanism that uses the LMS Reporting and Tracking settings that a Quiz can attach to and utilize, to properly send the completion message/state to Saba as expected.

As most of my developed courses have a quiz component, this is only something I need to use occasionally, but this workaround is critical for successful development and deployment of courses that do NOT have or require this element.

It would be nice to see Storyline actually deliver on its original intended design promise of being able to specifically track slide-to-slide progress in some sort of demonstrable way using SCORM and/or cmi settings/values to Saba's LMS system(s)

Hope this helps!


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

I don't believe that our team has tested Articulate 360 specifically with Saba (or any particular LMSs) as we tend to test with SCORM Cloud based on it being an industry standard and then of course with Articulate Online since it's in house. 

As Mark mentioned, the exit course trigger/behavior is one that has been inconsistent, base on a number of different factors such as browser security, not opening in a new window, etc. but I know with Saba we had the special directions to update/change how the cmi.core.exit behaved, and I don't believe that the code within Storyline 360s published output changed.