Does Storyline preserve Powerpoint animations, etc.

Sep 19, 2017

We attended a webinar as a group today and are pretty sold on Articulate for our teams. We are curious about Powerpoint imports, though. Do animations or any sort of interactions we design into our Powerpoints make the transition into Storyline?

We know that when we import PPT files into Captivate, it's basically the equivalent of a picture, but Captivate is obviously generations behind Storyline. I was asked to find out about this.

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Mike Torres
Lauren Connelly

Hi Adam!

I'm sorry to hear that! Some web browsers have better HTML5 support than others. One example of this is how they handle masking animations, such as split, wheel, and wipe. To be specific:

Tom P

I spent a bunch of time creating some really nice animations in PPT, then imported them into storyline and it broke them. I had to redo them all from scratch in storyline in order to get them to work. To be clear, import of animations into storyline from powerpoint will not work, storyline will break your animations and you'll have to redo them all, . (period!)

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