Does Storyline Show Slide Narration in Articulate Review to SMEs

Hello all.  I having SMEs review my course.   I've have the narration for the slides in a Word Document but was wondering if there was a way that Storyline360 allow you to input the script for the slide. Then once I send the course for SMEs to review the SMEs are able to see the script as for each slide instead of having to look at a separate Word doc?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there!

So happy to hear you're using Articulate Review with your SME's. We're all about efficiency and working smart, so let me show you a few ways you can add the narration script directly to the slide -- no more using separate Word documents for this!

  1. You can create and edit closed captions right in Storyline 360 with the built-in closed caption editor. This is what it looks like!
  2. If the closed caption editor is a bit too involved, you can simply copy/paste the narration text into the slide notes area. Then, enable the notes in player properties. 

Let me know if one of those options will work for you!