Does Storyline support opening files via WEBDAV protocol

Hi all,

A customer had a problem opening .story files stored on the SharePoint DMS environment. I looked into this issue and it seems that .story files cannot be opened from the SharePoint environment directly. Creating a netwerk share in Windows Explorer and opening files from that location did not work either. My conclusion is that Storyline does not work with the WEBDAV protocol for opening files. Is my conclusion right? Is there another way to work with Storyline files directly from SharePoint?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Maarten!

We have a few forum threads about utilizing Storyline via Sharepoint and I'll share them below:

Publishing to our Intranet (SharePoint)

How to publish a storyline course to SharePoint 2013

Publishing courses on Sharepoint for LMS

I hope this will get you started and hopefully some users with experience will be able to chime in and assist.

Maarten van den Dungen


Many thanks for your swift reply!

Unfortunately the links you suggest in your reply are describing the publication of an e-learning course to SharePoint. The problem we encounter (or the customer by that means) is that we store the StoryLine files on SharePoint, not (yet) the published courses. Opening the .story files in a SharePoint library causes StoryLine to show an error message that the file is corrupt/damaged/not to be opened...

Regards, Maarten

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Maarten!

I apologize for not understanding what the issue was.

When working on an Articulate Storyline 2 project in a collaborative environment with other developers, we recommend using this workflow to avoid loss of resources, file corruption, and other erratic behavior that can occur due to network latency.

Maarten van den Dungen

That is how we explained it to the end user right now. Save the files to the SharePoint repository. If you want to work on the files:

  • check them out in SharePoint,
  • download the file locally,
  • make the changes,
  • upload the file anc check in the file.

It works fine the way it is right now, except that it involves lots of extra steps...