Does the triggers stack jump around randomly?

May 28, 2014

I don't know whether I'm imagining this but I have a large stack of triggers on a screen and the focus/highlight seems to randomly change when I attempt to move items up or down or even when I'm clicking on them.

Has this been really badly implemented as I'm finding it exceptionally frustrating and tiring since I have many very similarly written triggers and it's damn hard to work out the rational for how the scrolling/hierarchy is meant to work?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yan,

I'm not sure I'm following the behavior that you're describing, but thought I'd see if we could get some clarification. 

I do notice at time, when I have a number of triggers that include a lot of elements such as when the state of all objects are X or on the condition that X, Y and Z happen - that if I click on that trigger it expands a bit so that I can see more information about the trigger. The same thing occurs if I click on a trigger to edit it, and then I'll see it expanded in the trigger panel. 

In regards to moving triggers up and down throughout the trigger panel - you can't move triggers between categories or between objects - so for example if you have slide triggers, object triggers and player triggers they'll all be grouped by those headings. I could move the individual slide triggers around to place them in an order of how I'd like them to fire - and there is additional information here on what order triggers will be executed in.

Can you let me know if that's what your describing or if not, a bit more information about the behavior you see and what you'd expect to see?

Chad Cardwell

Sometimes when I copy/paste a trigger from one slide or layer to another, it won't always be grouped under the right object. For example, I've had a layer trigger end up under an object with that object's triggers (even though it was still configured as a layer trigger).

I found that when that happens, if I open up a trigger and just click OK to reapply it (with no changes), it usually will resort the triggers into their appropriate groupings.

As for the focus/highlight changing randomly, I'll have to keep any eye out for that. I've probably encountered it before and just don't remember.  :P

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