Does the zoom feature act like Camtasia or Captivate?

Camtasia has very sharp zooms. If you capture at a high resolution (e.g. 1280x1024) and set the project to 800x600, the zooms are very clear because the original image is larger than the published size, so if the zoom magnification isn't huge, it looks sharp like the original image. But with Captivate, at least the last time I checked, the zooms looked pixelated because if you reduce the project size, it reduces all the images to that size, and therefore, a "zoom" just enlarges from that smaller size, so it gets pixelated with moderate zooms. I assume that's how it works because zooms in Captivate always looked poor beyond a small magnification.

If I create a storyline project that is 800x600, and I import an image that is 1280x1024, does the Storyline zoom feature use the 1280x1024 image, or does it convert it to 800x600, and zoom into that size?

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Brett Rockwood

Here is the key, I think. Import your full size 1280 x 1024 image and place it off of the screen at full size. Then copy and paste it onto the stage and reduce it to fit the screen, in your case 800 x 600.  Now when you add a zoom region it should zoom in clearly using the offscreen image data in your zoom. This will work fine as long as you don't zoom it to more than the full size image offscreen. If you really need to zoom in closely on a small part of the screen you would need to insert an even larger image offscreen so there is sufficient pixel data to zoom into.

Hope this helps.