Does Trimming a video in 3 different ways reduce file size?

I have ONE video with THREE parts. Rather than edit the video in an editor and import 3 clips, I imported the ONE video, copied it twice (to make a total of 3 videos on 3 different tabs) and used the "TRIM" feature to trim each of the 3 clips to the appropriate lengths. Does my file contain the one FULL SIZE video 3 times (triple the original file size) OR did "trimming" the video make 3 different videos that all add UP in file size to the original clip? I expect it's the former, but I would like to be sure. This course has a LOT of video clips. Thank you!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Yvette,

Storyline will keep the full video files temporarily, in case you need to click Undo to restore the original video. The good news is your project file will eventually shrink, usually after saving it a couple times. But you can also get it to shrink right away by saving and closing the project file, then re-opening it and saving it again.

Hope this helps!