Does using both captioning and the notes pane affect accessibility?

Good morning! My agency is trying to come up with some standards around creating courses for accessibility. My question: does using both captioning (with audio narration) and having the notes pane visible on the player (so learners can read the transcript) affect the accessibility of the course? My understanding is that it is redundant, since the captions and the notes are identical. We've heard from multiple learners that having the notes pane is distracting, but I wanted to gather some more info before deciding. We are developing in Storyline 360.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Crissy,

As I understand it, there's no set requirement to use one vs. the other or to not use them together. You can read more about the accessibility standards and how Storyline helps meet them here. 

I'd say adding the CC may be the best option, as then learners can choose to toggle those on or off.