Does zoom region have to take up the entire screen?

Hi. The client I'm working for has requested that I add an image of a document to a screen and then zoom in on a specific block of text in the document. I've added the zoom feature which work OK (I just need a high-rez picture of the image) but my issue is the zoom takes up the entire screen. The problem is that the zoomed image then blocks out the header and footer bars, and more importantly, the CC button at the bottom of the screen. Is there a method of zooming into an image, but only having the zoom take up a smaller portion of the screen? Does that make sense? 

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Finn Maigaard

Hi Wendy. Thanks for responding! I think what you're showing is how to select the area I want to  zoom into. The issue is that when I play the slide and it zooms into the selected area, the zoom-image takes up the whole screen. I would like to resize it, so it only takes up a portion of the screen.