"Dollar sign" quiz answer cannot "undefined" on Scorm tracking cmi

May 28, 2013

Hi guys,

    I am doing the accounting MC quiz in Storyline and the answers should include dollar sign, e.g. $90, $131...etc

    However, it shows:

    cmi.interactions_9.correct_responses_0.pattern  -  undefined

    cmi.interactions_9.student_response                       -  undefined

    If I change the answer into 90, 131 instead of $90, $131, then:

    cmi.interactions_9.correct_responses_0.pattern  -  91

    cmi.interactions_9.student_response                       -  131

  Anyone know if I should do something on the syntax or what?

Thanks a lot!

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Victoria Aleman

Jimmy - did you ever get any resolution on this?  

We are experiencing an issue with quiz questions in Storyline 1 -- MC answers are dollar amounts.  Answer choices are stated like:  $101.05.  Some questions are just text, no $ sign included.  

The text-only questions report to our LMS.  However, the $-sign questions don't report at all to the LMS.

We publish to AICC for our home-grown LMS.

Victoria Aleman

Thank you, Leslie.  I do have a ticket in with Support and received a response yesterday from John Say.  I've also sent him some information this morning in response to his suggestions and am waiting to hear back from him.

I really need to get this quiz functioning as soon as possible because there are several classes across the state that will be ready to take it starting tomorrow.  Do I need to wait to hear back from John or is there something else I should try to address this issue?

Thanks again.

Victoria Aleman

Ok.  Thank you.

Just heard from our LMS administrator - he researched and found that we had another quiz with 1 question that had $ amounts in the question responses.  That one question did not report to the LMS.  However, the quiz did "complete" (probably because there were enough questions answered correct for it to register as complete).

(Sharing this extra information in case anyone else also experiences this.)

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