PSA: Don't buy a new Mac if you want to keep using Storyline

As discussed here, it is not possible to run Windows on the new M1 Macs, even with Parallels or VMWare Fusion.

This may change in the future, but it's a complex problem to solve, so don't be surprised if it takes years rather than months.

Articulate has made it clear that they have no plans to develop Storyline for Mac. It's not even on their long-term roadmap.

Edit: Please read the comments below for updates. There isn't a solution yet, but there is hope thanks to Windows on ARM.

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Matthew Bibby

Thanks for adding that note Leslie. It might also be a good idea to specifically mention it on the system requirements pages as they currently state:

Mac OS X (latest version) with Parallels Desktop (latest version) or VMware Fusion (latest version)

Which is not an accurate statement. 

Matthew Bibby

It’s also worth noting that adding the info about the M1 Macs to the bottom of that page is confusing, as earlier in the page it says:

Mac users can install Storyline 360, Studio 360, and Replay 360 in Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or Apple Boot Camp.

Which is also not an accurate statement!

If I was reading this while making a purchasing decision, I might not read all of the way to the bottom of the page to learn the full details. It might be worth making it clear everywhere on the site that you have mentioned using Parallels etc. 

Babette Novak

Thanks Matthew. My opinion: I'd alter this thread title to, 'Don't continue your Storyline license if you buy the M1 Mac.' I would not want to avoid buying a great computer like the M1 Mac simply because of one license I own.

It's regrettable that I have to keep my old Mac around only because Articulate won't offer a Mac version  of A360 for the many Mac users they have. The old Mac won't last forever, so I'm hoping Articulate stops clinging to the false narrative that there aren't that many of us out here buying their product. I've met many Mac users in the field and in this community.

Please, Articulate! It's ridiculous that we have to keep jumping hoops for you in the hopes that you'll give us our own version.

Matthew Bibby

Here's an update regarding Parallels latest update (cross-posted from here):

Brett, the demos of Parallels 16.5 do look promising. I know of at least one person who has tested it and said that Storyline seemed to be working okay (although they haven't tested in thoroughly).

Keep in mind that this is still only for Windows on ARM, which isn't available to purchase. It's just a technical preview at this time. So in my opinion, this isn't a viable solution for production work given the risks involved. I'd also like confirmation from Articulate staff that Storyline will be supported when used with Windows on ARM - which they probably can't do yet given that it's only a technical preview. Storyline is buggy enough as it is at times, so adding a potentially unstable OS into the mix doesn't seem like a good idea. 

I won't be installing any of this stuff on my M1. Not even for testing. Although I know that Devlin Peck is planning on doing some testing, so maybe keep an eye on his site for more info.  

Here are details on the limitations of Windows on ARM. Not as bad as I expected given the complexities involved. 


Brett Rockwood

Thanks Matthew for directing me here. Like Babette the ONLY reason I keep Parallels and a Windows environment is to run Storyline. I'm sure they've done all the studies and decided from a business point of view that it doesn't make sense to do a MacOS-native version but it still doesn't take away the disappointment, pain and expense of having to maintain 2 environments. I'll be following this thread closely as M1 Macs are clearly where it's going for us Mac users.

Hugh McNally

Is there a straight answer on whether Articulate products run natively on ARM, irrespective of the MacBook M1 factor? They'd have to in order to run at full speed on MS's own Surface products (rather than MS's x86 emulation). If they are x86 apps solely, then they're running in emulation even on the Surface... does anyone have firsthand knowledge on this?

If they are available as ARM-native, there would be at least a glimmer of hope that an M1 Mac, running Parallels/Windows on ARM, could be avoid emulation and could stick with virtualization to run this suite of apps.