Don't paste a table from Google slides into Articulate 360

Today, I found a bug in Storyline 360 where if you try to copy and paste a table into Storyline from Google slides, it crashes Storyline.  Now, I received the crash message saying it was going to close, so I immediately saved it in hopes of not loosing a lot of work.  BIG MISTAKE!  Now I can no longer open the Storyline file.  I have already submitted a ticket for this to hopefully correct my corrupted file, and for them to address the bug.  I also recovered the last saved from my temp files, so I only lost a minimal amount of work.  However, I thought I would share this knowledge until they fix the bug.  I did test it several times, and I was able to reproduce the error every time I tried to paste a table from Google slides. If you want to see it for yourself, open a test Storyline file, open google sheets, and a google slides file.  Type some data in google sheets (I just made two columns with 5 rows of "adfasdfsaf", and then pasted to google slides.  After that copy and paste to Storyline to receive the error.  Go ahead and hit save after receiving the error and your file will be too corrupt to open.  It only works when going from Google slides to Storyline.  I tried from Google sheets and from Excel, and I had no problems.     

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