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Donna Morvan

Hello Gina,

You can create a T/F variable that tracks whether the audio file has been played already.

1. Create a T/F variable (playonce) with initial value set to FALSE

2. Add a trigger to the slide that adjusts the variable to TRUE once the media completes

3. Add a trigger to Play the audio file only when the variable is = false.

Hope this helps,


Gina Heumann

I already have the "resume saved state" because my books change state when you click on them. For some reason it's not working with the audio. I pared down the project so I can post it here... if anybody can figure out what I'm dong wrong on the audio track, I'd sure be grateful!


Heather Beaudoin (Steckley)

Hi, Gina...

I changed the first set the first trigger to play when the variable is False, and I set the default value of your variable to be false.   The other problem was changing the setting to When Revisiting "Automatically Decide" -- not Resume Saved State.

I modified the Professionalism Basics book, and I added the AudioComplete variable onto the slide to make it easier for you to troubleshoot.

Is this now doing what you hoped?

Michael Hinze

I didn't want to modify your book objects or change the current setup of the slide, so I adjusted the triggers for the two books that have audio, to a) immediately stop the main audio and b) set the variable to True that then prevents the audio from being played a second time.