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Donna Morvan

Hello Gina,

You can create a T/F variable that tracks whether the audio file has been played already.

1. Create a T/F variable (playonce) with initial value set to FALSE

2. Add a trigger to the slide that adjusts the variable to TRUE once the media completes

3. Add a trigger to Play the audio file only when the variable is = false.

Hope this helps,


Gina Heumann

I already have the "resume saved state" because my books change state when you click on them. For some reason it's not working with the audio. I pared down the project so I can post it here... if anybody can figure out what I'm dong wrong on the audio track, I'd sure be grateful!


Heather Beaudoin (Steckley)

Hi, Gina...

I changed the first set the first trigger to play when the variable is False, and I set the default value of your variable to be false.   The other problem was changing the setting to When Revisiting "Automatically Decide" -- not Resume Saved State.

I modified the Professionalism Basics book, and I added the AudioComplete variable onto the slide to make it easier for you to troubleshoot.

Is this now doing what you hoped?