Double assessment of multiple question banks


I am creating a project where I have several question banks to assess, first individually and then globally.

That is to say: In one scene I have 5 question banks. The user must pass each one with a different success rate. But he only gets a global rating of all five question banks.

What I have done so far is have 6 result slides: one for each bank, with a different success rate for each. And the 6th one aggregates the 5 scores to show a success or failure layer. Using variables, I am able to bring the user directly to the global success or failure layer depending on all five results. However, I would like to know if there is a way to not have the first 5 slides but only one that would rate all 5 banks individually and also directly make a global calculation of the 5 results.

Thank you in advance.

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Angelique Maige

Hi Emily,

Thanks for the link. I have checked this tutorial. Unfortunately it does not solve my issue entirely.

- First of all, I do not want to show each quiz result to my user. This is not a big problem as I can jump directly to a success or failure layer.

- Second, I want my result slide to aggregate the results from each quiz. That id to say, it should calculate each quiz has been passed or not and accordingly show the wanted layer.

By contacting the support team, it appears I have no other choice but have a single result slide for each quiz and then a global result slide.

If anyone has another idea, they're most welcome!

Thanks again!