Double Audio

Feb 05, 2018

I cant seem to remember how to do it, I have a e-learning course with one slide that has a base layer and three layers.  Each layer has audio on it, however when you click on any of the 3 layers the base layer audio still plays.  Isn't there a way to create a trigger that says "can't click on layers until base layer timeline completes." 

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Chris Cole

Hi Tommy.

Draw a rectangular hotspot that covers all three of your layer buttons. Don't add any triggers to the hotspot - it doesn't do anything except act as a mask to cover the buttons so that they can't be clicked. Make the hotspot go away at the end of the audio in the timeline. Be sure to turn off the hand cursor on the hotspot.

Hope this helps.


Renson Gilo

Hi Tommy,

In addition to Chris' suggestions above, if you want to disable the images that will show layers not until the audio in the base layer completes, you might want to add "Disabled" state on the images then set its initial state to "Disabled". See the screenshot below for reference. Then, add a trigger on each image that will change the state from "Disabled" to "Normal" when the timeline ends or when the media completes.


If you just want to avoid simultaneous playing of audio files between the base and slide layers, you might want to look into pausing the timeline of base layer in your slide layer
properties. See this tutorial link for your reference.

Hope this helps.

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