Double audio when revisit in SL2

Apr 13, 2015


In SL2, I have a base  layer with audio and when entering this slide (and before playing the base layer) an slide layer is playing. First visit is working ok but on revisiting base layer and slide layer play at the same time.

Another issue, i would like to solve here, is that i want to prevent the user from clicking the next button for going to the next slide (and this way skipping the audio in the base layer)  when the slide layer is playing.

I am attaching the file.

I found an discussion similar to my issue and posted it there as well:

Thanks for any help!

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Akash Jambhorkar


Hello Antonio A,


As your requirement I make changes in storyline file.

Have look on attached storyline file.

I use “isBaseLayerAudioComplete “  “isLayerAudioComplete”  this two variables to achieve functionality.

If you want on revisit next button jump to next page without complete the activity then only delete trigger on timeline start. (Check below snap for same)



I hope this will help you.


Antonio A

Thanks a lot Akash,

What you did with my file is great!

I deleted all the triggers for the "isBaseLayerAudioComplete"  so user can not click the next button when the slide Layer is not complete (as it´s now) but once it´s completed and closed user can click next and go to next slide even before the base layer audio finish.

Thanks so much for your help


Antonio A

I did what you told me above and everything is working but one thing: if the media in the slide layer completed the user can click next button and go to the next slide directly skipping the base layer (i need that the user can not go to next slide until he has enter the base layer, and once he has enter it he can be able to go next even if the audio is not completed)

I am attaching the file where i did what Akash told me.



Antonio A

To make this easier to understand...

The only condition for the user to go to the next slide is that he has clicked close in the slide layer button (even its audio has not completed).

Once he click close, the audio in the "base layer" start but the user can click "next" and go to next slide even before the "base layer" audio is completed.

I deleted all triggers but the one saying Jump to next slide--When user click next button--If button1 state is equal to "Visited"

...but it does not seems to be working because the audio double plays again on revisiting using the previous button. How could i do just that?

I am attaching the file again with my only trigger.

Antonio A

That  is great! It´s what i was looking for!

Just for people who might need help to understand all the issue going on here...

  1. Once the slide layer popup, the user can not click next and skip the base layer audio (neither he has to listen all audio in slide layer).
  2. He needs to close the " layer closing button" and then he will see the base layer
  3. You accomplished the user to be able to go to next slide even the audio en the base layer or slide layer is not complete, with the only condition that he closes the layer clicking in the layer closing button.
  1. As well, the initial issue that was the double audio playing when revisiting is fixed not!

 Thanks you so much! I am lucky I found you here.

Antonio A


I have to deal with the same issue of double audio when revisiting again, but that time instead of 1 layer there are 4 layers and a trigger that doesn´t let you go to next slide until you have visited all 4 layers.

The double audio is when revisiting, the base layer and the active note play at the same time.

I am attaching the file.

I wonder if the storyline teams is thinking about fixing that issue in next versions or if i should write a request for that?

Thanks for any help and sorry about bothering to much with that.


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