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I have a text entry field / form in my course.  It works fine in Windows browser.  When I view it in Safari iPad, almost every time I type using the pop-up iPad software keyboard (not an external keyboard) I get double characters.  So I hit the [a] key as lightly and quickly as I can and no matter what, most of the time I get "aa".  Same goes for any key. Once in awhile I get the intended single character.  I do not get this behavior when typing anywhere else on iPad, e.g., Safari URL/address field--iPad software keyboard works flawlessly as expected.  So this is specific to Storyline, iPad, Safari.  No, I can't use the iPad app because the LMS does not speak Tin Can.  Any help appreciated.  Thanks, David

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Dane Boyington

Well, mostly fixed. As of the last release candidate for SL2, I was still having one issue in the same situation (e.g. on iPad in a iFrame). The issue was that if you typed in the answer using the on-screen software keyboard, then dismiss the keyboard and using the "Submit" button to submit the interaction, then the last letter of what you typed could be cut off.

If instead you use the software keyboard Enter key to submit the answer, the answer is graded correctly.

Articulate is aware of this problem, but I have not been informed if it was solved before release or not. If you have a situation where you had this problem before, can you check now if the last character works correctly if you click the "Submit" button to submit the interaction?



Ryan Meyer

I realize this thread is a few months old, but wanted to give a quick update based on what I'm seeing. I'm working in Storyline 1 with the latest update (the results are the same in both 1.7 and 1.8).

With the same published course running from the same LMS, some users are seeing the repeated double character and others are seeing the last character left off. I haven't been able to verify which iPad/iOS versions each user is running yet, but I'm seeing the last character left off on iPad4/iOS7.1.

I could consider upgrading to SL2 if this was confirmed fixed in the new major version, but something tells me this might be a nefarious intermittent problem.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ryan,

I see that this issue still exists in Storyline 1, but that in Storyline 2 it does not seemto be an issue. It seems that when our team investigated the issue in Storyline 1 and Storyline 2 it was specific to some LMSs who placed the content within a frame and some issues with mobile Safari. If you're still seeing this issue, can you connect with our Support team?  You could download the trial of Storyline 2 to see how it behaves in your LMS before looking at upgrading.