Double check on layer setup and audio stopping

Hi there,

I have a course up on our LMS that some users have reported similar problems with. They get to the same place and it sounds like the audio is freezing or fading, and the seekbar keeps going with no audio playing and they can't click Next.

I've run this course through SCORM Cloud and it shows as complete.

The slide that's in question has a base layer and several layers. The audio is on the base layer. Three of the layers were set to start by triggers to cue points on the base layer. The 4th one was set to start at a time. I changed the 4th one to start on cue point 4. I don't know what else to consider as I've never used cue points. This was created by someone else.

I did notice that layer 2 had a trigger within it to start the timeline at 0 seconds. If there are triggers on the base layer to start the others, do you need a trigger within each of those layers beyond the base layer to tell it when to start? Might this have been causing problems for some people but not all? Do I need some kind of trigger to keep the base layer audio going? That seems unnecessary because most people show as the course completed.

I'd appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

(ps: I do not have Pause timeline on base layer or hide objects on base layer checked.)


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cheryl!

You mention testing on SCORM Cloud and the course shows as complete, but it sounds like you are getting a completion in your LMS as well, right? Are you able to replicate the issue? Are the users having difficulty viewing in a supported environment?

Could you share the slide that you are having difficulty with so that we can take a look?

Cheryl Hoover

Sorry for the delay, Leslie, and thanks for the thoughts.

The problem is experienced by a small percentage of users in the LMS. I could not replicate it.

I ended sending it to support and they didn't find any issues either. That was my biggest concern. I'll let our LMS folks take it from there.

Thanks again!