Double check on pause in the seekbar, Storyline 2

Good morning!

I read some older articles about certain issues with the seekbar pause/continue and thought I'd better check if there's been any updates in Storyline 2.

Most of my slides have narration, so the ability to pause is important. I like the seekbar mainly to show how far into the slide someone is. But I paused the audio earlier and suddenly some of the graphics started coming up. So the pause/continue that's built in is just for audio; is that correct? If so, is the only way around this to create a custom pause/replay button that will pause everything on the timeline and other layers? That seems very complicated to this novice.

Thanks very much,


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Cheryl Hoover

It's probably because I don't have a full grasp of using layers and I've done a trigger incorrectly. Basically, I put some callouts in a separate layer to avoid stacking of objects on top of each other. When I preview the slide and pause it on the seekbar, the graphics become visible when the timeline hits their mark. Here's a slide to show you how I've set this up.

So I basically need to know if and how to pause everything on the timeline, not just audio, when the pause symbol is pressed. Your help is appreciated. Thanks!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cheryl!

So the timeline will be both for the base layer and the layer. I can see the difficulty you are having because you are essentially staying on the layer, but pausing the base timeline.

I'm not sure why you would want these items on a layer though, you can accomplish the same thing with the items on the base layer and then all is in sync.

Attaching your updated file.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cheryl!

Thanks for continuing to share, I'm brainstorming with you here :)

What do you mean that it was impossible to get them centered properly? What do you feel putting them on a layer gains you vs putting them on the actual slide? Just trying to understand.

Most of the time the base layer is not visible and is paused via properties when using layers from what I've seen, but it seems like you are simply using your layers as an overlay almost. The timelines are independent and the pause is on the base layer.

Cheryl Hoover

Maybe the missing link here is our courses (so far, anyway) are fully narrated. So I've got audio in 30- to 60-second chunks to deal with. The powers to be want new graphics every 20 seconds or so. I'll cut the audio in half if necessary, but the attached might show the building of the graphics on the timeline. Does that make sense? Somehow it felt easier to start using layers for this so things were more organized and I could at least "see" where to place things properly on the slide.

I'm very open to better ways to do this! This is my second project.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cheryl!

Yes, I can understand that. The end user experience is the most important. Perhaps utilizing the timeline to hide objects you aren't currently working with or utilizing cue points to sync items to animate in or even grouping objects could work for you.

Hopefully the community will be able to chime in with suggestions as well.