Double click not registering when shape has a 'selected' state

Oct 27, 2015

Hello, does anyone know why this is happening? Well I mean it seems the first click is changing the state to selected and therefore never registering as a full 'double click', I suppose - but I can't imagine why that would be a feature! Does anyone know a fix or a workaround for this? :(


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Walt Hamilton

It is a design choice, and I think a good one. I think that the reason this works this way is that most of us have abandoned double clicking (think webpage interactions). If i want the user to point at something, I use the hover state ( which contrary to popular opinion exists in a primitive form on the iPad), and if I want them to activate a function, I use a single click.

Personally, I 'm happy to click on what I want, and irritated to have to click twice.

Erin Sadler

How do you assume that 'most of us' require Storyline for purposes that can do away with this functionality?

How would you teach someone to use Windows, Linux or MacOS without a double click interaction?

And how can you call buttons that don't support double-clicks when they have a selected state an active design choice and not an oversight?

Erin Sadler

Hi Leslie, thanks for getting back to me :)

I've tired something similar, using a custom state - except I'd like it to be selected when clicked, rather than double-clicked (i.e. normal 'selected' behaviour' but with the double click trigger still functional - click = select, double-click = progress).

The button instantly switches to 'hover' (as your mouse is still there after clicking it, though that isn't the case with the inbuilt selected state). It's there when you move your mouse away but obviously this isn't exactly illustrating a visual change on click.

I thought about a custom hover as well, but somehow adding that stops the click/select going through!

It's looking like it's not possible I suppose, but it was worth an ask.

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