Double Clicking Hyperlinks

A couple previous feeds for this issue exist, but none of them helped solve my issue. As with other users, hyperlinks in Storyline2 require my users to double click on them to get the linked procedures to open.

I have two documents the user must open before they can move ahead. Each document hyperlink is in a separate text box. Each text box has the following triggers:

Set Procedure1 equal to False when the timeline starts
Jump to URL when the user clicks the text "suchandsuch"
Set Procedure1 equal to True when the user clicks (text box selected)

The slide also has the following player trigger:

Jump to next slide when the user clicks the next button if Procedure1 is equal to True and Procedure2 is equal to True.

Is there anyway to update my triggers so that they only need click once? I understand that the issue is that the True/False variable is tied to the text box and the link is tied directly to the text listed in those text boxes, but I cannot figure out how to update it...would updating the trigger to turn my text boxes to True to list a when of "Control loses focus" fix my issue?

Still trying to get comfortable in Articulate. Thanks!

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Walt Hamilton

In addition to Wendy's suggestion, I would set these two triggers:

Jump to URL when the user clicks the text "suchandsuch"
Set Procedure1 equal to True when the user clicks (text box selected)

Top reference the same object. As it is, you have a click on text, and a click on a text box, which will seem like two clicks to your users.