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Apr 04, 2017

Hi all

I wonder if any body else has had issues with iPad output using HTML5 not the app.

I know that the pinch zoom feature is meant to be locked off but we are having testing issues with the zoom created by double tapping. 

It is causing all sorts of strange things to happen, and buttons to not function.

It seems to be that if you double tap on an item in a page (say an image or button) the zoom function happens - if you tap on a blank bit of page nothing happens.

I am mostly thinking that this would only be solved by a Storyline update?

cheers for any help


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Lizzie Wakefield

So all my courses have bespoke buttons made up of graphics or shapes. 

In your course the closest thing is the last page - there are no zooms built into our courses as I know they cause (or used to) issues.

On the course you have built, the last page seems to have a plain graphic, if you double tap it the screen zooms in. It seems with the Storyline player in use it doesn't break any thing, but on our courses, all the buttons are bespoke and break after this 'double tap zoom' has happened so you cannot move off the page.


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Samantha,

Nothing new yet. We’re still working on this, but it is definitely helpful to understand how many folks are experiencing this issue and how often they encounter it. That info helps us prioritize our development resources.

I will add this thread to the report. This will assist in keeping up with the user impact as well as allow us to update here when applicable.

Lizzie Wakefield

I desperately need a solution to this problem as we have promo material going out in a couple of weeks that we need to work on iPad but it all mucks up with the double tap.

I have been looking at coding solutions but have no idea how or where to add the code, there is a suggestion at this link here:

Can anyone tell me how and where to add this code to the output files?

I am not running on an LMS - just web ouptut.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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