Double trigger condition

Jul 27, 2012

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to let my home-made "prev" and "next" buttons appear when the states of some objects are changed to visited. Set my trigger, it works perfectly.

Then comes the questioning part: I also would like to let these buttons appear only if a specific value of the timeline is reached. In other words: "X, Y, Z are visited AND timeline is 2 minutes"

Do you have any suggestions?

I tried with variables, but couldn't manage.

Thanks in advance!

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Mauro Gaiotto

I did it!

This is the solution:

6 layers. Students have to listen to all of the 6 audio files in order to advance.
I've simply created a variable called "time".

I've set this trigger for every layer: "When timeline ends, time +1".
Then, in the base layer the buttons appear when the variable time is equal or greater than 6.

Just one problem remains: if a student clicks for 6 times on the same layer button, the prev and next buttons appear!

Well, that will be our little secret... :P
Unless you have a different solution!

Thanks again!

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