Down state in Storyline 1

Hello all,

I've got 3 states, normal, down and visited.

It works in one project but exact same project in another language doesnt work

The normal state works but the down state appears then quickly disappears. The down state is to emulate the drop down arrow showing the user selecting an option. The logic works in one project, doesnt in the other. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Doreen,

I don't see a flicker of the normal state - but I do see the down state working as expected, as you've clicked on it and once you release the click it disappears. For example on slide 1, you click on "Picture 9" and then you see the down state, release the click and it changes to visited. If you keep clicking on it, you'll see the down state again.  It looks like you've got another image laid on top of the first image and  could that be causing some of the difficulty or confusing when clicking on elements? 

Also, based on your images shared it looks like you're trying to show a process or step by step of navigating an application? Have you looked at using the screen recording feature?