Down state overlays, not replaces, Normal

I'm using three images for a button's Normal, Hover and Down states.  But the button's Down state (which is actually a picture of the button pushed down) appears overlayed on top of the Normal state instead of replacing it.  

If instead of using the built-in Down state, I put the "button down" image on a new state and add a trigger to show it, it works properly (or at least how I think is properly).

Is this just the way the Down state works, or is there something I've missed?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ken!

The Down state is how an object appears while it's being clicked. If this state exists for an object, it'll automatically display when learners click it. You don't need to create a trigger to invoke it.

Typically this creates a 'quick' effect when the mouse clicks the object.

You can read more about the built-in states here.

Ken Teutsch

I suspect I know where the problem comes from, though I don't know why it happens.

The process was:

1. Import the first "button up"  image.  So this is automatically the Normal state. 

2. Create a new Down state.  This creates a Down state with the same image in the same place.  I import the new "button down" image and use the original image to line it up properly.  

3.  I delete the original image in the Down state, leaving only the "button down" image.

So there should be a "button up" image in the Normal state, and a "button down" image in the Down state, which is what you see when you look at the states.  But when you preview the slide, the Down state still has both images.

What seems to be happening is that the original image that was there when the state was created is not actually deleted, though it appears to be.