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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Paul.

Here is a quick story that has the "Allow downloading for offine viewing" option available on publish.  Can you please try it on your iPad and let us know what you see?

As a quick reminder, this is what your options should look like upon Publish:

...and here is what the resulting output looks like on my iPad:

Please let us know what you find with this output, as this will help to determine whether or not your problem is Story-specific.  Thanks!

Bruce Graham

I do not wish for this to sound REALLY stoopid...but don't you need to "slide" the little trigger from the default "No" position to "Yes", even if you have set it to Yes?

I do not have my iPad here to check, but I seem to remember that was the case.

I may of course be talking complete nonsense.....in which case, please just ignore me - I am used to that...


Paul Knights

Hi, thanks for the reply but as stated...we have already output with the checkbox "download for offline viewing' ticked and we do not get the the slider icon on the mobile player for the course we have outputted. Have tried the link you provided and that works fine and we can see the icon trigger etc....juts not on our course.


Justin Grenier

Hello again, Paul.

Are you publishing to the web, to your LMS, or to Articulate Online?  If it's Articulate online, the "Allow downloading for offline viewing" checkbox is currently ignored.

Beyond that, I have yet to encounter a scenario where the "Allow downloading for offline viewing" checkbox is selected up on publish, but the "Available offline" slider is unavailable.  There's a first time for everything!

Do you have this problem with every course you publish, or only some?  Either way, I think we should take a look at one of your .story files to see what's going on.  Can you please upload a course as part of a Support Case?  Thanks!

Paul Knights

Hi Justin,

Yes publishing to 'Articulate Online' account for the moment. I take it we should publish to our own server and allow the automatic IOS linkage on publish (which will then open it in the iPad Mobile player automatically if available)... then the download option toggle button will be available?

Jo Nobelius

Hi Justin,

The communications above have let me understand why I cannot get the toggle button fto enable offline viewing. I have been tryng to publish to Articulate Online. It did work once but that must have been before you removed this capability. As I don't have a server or a LMS how can I get the course onto my ipad (with the toggle button enabling me to download for offline viewing).

Your advice would be much appreciated.

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Jo.

When we added Tin Can API support within Storyline Update 1, we removed the ability to download the content from Articulate Online, since reporting does not yet work for offline content.

In the absence of a web server or an LMS, this article suggests a few options, including Tempshare, Amazon S3, or Dropbox.  Thanks!

Peter Anderson

Hi Jo, 

You could try uploading your course to a free hosting service like Amazon S3. You can sign up for a free Amazon S3 account, then simply upload your published output to your account, and give yourself and your users the link to your online course, and load it onto your iPad from there.

To learn more about Amazon S3 or to sign up, click here

Or if you're interested in a temporary solution, try Tempshare.

Jo Nobelius

I have tried Tempshare and uploaded a Storyline file from computer. I have sent an email from tempshare and opened the link on my ipad. This gives me 2 options:

1. Open in...

2. Open in Dropbox

The 'open in...'  option does not work. I have the Articualte app on ipad. How do I get the file into this?

Peter Anderson

Hi Jo, 

Hmm, it sounds like something may have gotten off track a little. When you published your story, did you tick the "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad" box?

And then after dragging your published zip file into the Tempshare box, all you should have to do after that is click the link that is produced from a browser on your iPad, and it will open in the Mobile Player. 

Are these the steps you followed? 

Jo Nobelius

Thanks for advice. Getting a bit closer!

This is what i have done:

Main computer

1. Published Storyline project to web and ticked Include HTML5; Use Articulate Mobile Player on ipad; & Allow downloading for offline viewing.

2. Dragged  published zip file into the Tempshare box.

3. Clicked on link  and was able to view the story from my main computer.

4. Emailed link to ipad


1. Clicked on link in email on ipad.

2. Received a message 'access denied'