"Download This Clip" drop down appearing in newly published course

I am trying to publish my second online course to CSOD LMS via Articulate Storyline 2.  For some reason when viewing the course in CSOD a “Download This Clip” drop down appears on each screen.  Drop down options include Bookmark this video, my videos and select another device. There are no videos in this course only audio. Does anyone know why this would be appearing?  Course was not published for mobile devices in Articulate and was not made available offline in CSOD.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Suzanne - 

Have you tested your published output file for functionality in the SCORM Cloud also, as it's the industry standard? Basically, if it functions properly in the SCORM Cloud, but not in your LMS, that would mean that you would need to contact your LMS directly for further investigation of the matter. Either that, or hopefully other members of the community can chime in if they have had a similar experience!