Download time for lessons (students) slide to slide.

Hi everyone!

Some of our students are reporting long download times for our lessons.  this is the time from finishing a page and going to the next.  We wanted to ask the community what everyone is doing to improve upload times?  Our data is stored on godaddy ssd servers but it still seems slow at times.  

Any suggestions or advice is appreciated. 


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sven  seco

I have read that article before, :).  It seems to me that it takes a bit to long pull up the content.  if I send you a private link to a lesson could you tell me if the pages have to much data? do you have a recommended download speed?  I was wondering what type of servers people are storing the content in, Amazon S3 for example or are they storing them on their hosting account.  

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Sven... thanks for those thoughts.  You can absolutely share your file privately with us for some testing.  Please include the .story file so we can publish and test, start to finish.  This article describes publishing and sharing your content with some general info about web sharing.  And this comes from our Rapid E-Learning blog:  5 Easy Ways to Share E-Learning Courses.

 We invite community members to pop in and discuss their solutions as well!

Crystal Horn

Actually, Sven, did you receive an email with a case number, and if so, can you share your case number?  I don't see anything in our case queue.  

If you didn't get a case number, will you give it a shot again?  Maybe the browser got hung up.  You should receive an email within, at most, 10 minutes with a case number attached.  You can also check your junk/spam folder.  Thanks!

Crystal Horn

Ok, that's frustrating.  Sorry you're going through this.  One other thing to try-- do you have another browser that you could use?  And you may be getting this, but you should see these two steps:


(showing 0% until you submit) 

and then...


If this isn't working, could you please email, and an engineer can reach out to you directly and try to get your project file from you in another way?

We'll get you some help!