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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Carmen,

Not sure if this will answer at least your question about downloadable documents, but are you aware of the Resources tab? In case not, here are some quick steps:

To set up the Resources tab

  1. From the Home tab, click Player (it's in the Publish group)
  2. Click the Features tab near the top of the Player Properties window if it's not already selected
  3. Place a check mark beside "Resources" in the "Player tabs" section if one isn't there already

To upload the resources

  1. Click the Resources tab at the top of the Player Properties window
  2. In the description pane on the left, you'll see a prompt to start adding resources

Not sure what you mean by copying Word content into a Storyline slide. Perhaps you can provide more info?

Carmen Hamlin

Thanks, Becky & Jeanette!  I actually used both of your suggestions.

We've had a lot of problems with our SharePoint site, and importing a Word document isn't an option, so I just linked to the document in my drive.  Felt much better after reading your other link, Jeanette, that Storyline will also create a copy of the doc.

Katy Joy

Hi Jeanette,

I followed the hyperlinking tutorial you have posted.  I published out my course and the document that I have linked to is in the external files folder.  However, when I view the course in Internet Explorer and click the hyperlink, nothing happens.  Can you please help? I understand that I can attach documents in the resources folder, but this isn't what I want to do for this course.  I absolutely need to hyperlink to documents from the stage.



Jeanette Brooks

Hey Katy, another thing you'll want to do is, when you test your published content, make sure that you test it in the environment for which it was published. For example, if you published your course for Web, make sure that you upload the published output to a web server and test it from there, rather than test it locally. It's very common for people to test a web- or LMS-published course locally (from their own hard drive) and this will cause issues with attachments not opening properly, due to browser and security restrictions. More details about that here.

If you need a temporary place to host your content on a web server for testing, you're welcome to use Tempshare (anything you upload there will be active for 10 days).