Downloading Articulate 360

Hey team, great work on Articulate 360.  From the little that I have seen, it looks really great.  Quick Question, I have just downloaded articulate storyline 360 and it looks like it has replaced my storyline 2 (all my projects now open in 360)  Is this going to be an issue going forward? I still work within a team that is using storyline 2 and they still need to have access to my story files.  Should I deactivate 360?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cynthia! Wendy is correct, both SL360 and SL2 can exist on the same system, you will just need to specify how to open. Are you just on a trial? Please keep in mind that if you are upgrading your content, then your team would not be able to open in Storyline 2. You can read more here if needed.