downloading "larger" courses to iPad

Jul 09, 2014

Hello everyone,

I have found that downloading a "larger" course to the Ipad ( larger means 10 Mb or above) is often problematic. When I choose the "Available off-line" option, the download bar occasionally halts and then I get the message that a file is missing , which is not true (everything is on the server). Usually after trying again one or more times, it all ends up working.

But at other times, videos that should appear in a lightbox slide don't work (probably because they did not get downloaded).

Has anyone experienced such issues?

Any ideas what may be causing this ( server performance/overload, insufficient bandwidth?).

Thank you in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vanya,

If you're using the "offline" option within the mobile player, you'll need to ensure that the file downloads entirely before the user goes offline or no longer has internet connection.

If you think that the overall server or bandwidth may be a problem, you may want to test the course from a few different servers (there are a couple free ones in this article) and if you'd like to send us a link to your course I'm happy to test it on my iPad mini.

Hello Hello1

Hi - just wondering about the Articulate Mobile Player. Users subscribe to my site though when I've tested my courses on the ipad they only require me to login once and they then appear to be stored in the player.. When a user's subscription has ended on my site, are the files automatically removed from the Articulate Mobile Player? I always ensure that I untick the box which allows users to view them offline though want to definitely ensure that they can't access the content when their membership has ended.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi G,

Unfortunately they're not automatically removed from the mobile player. You could modify the URL for the course, which will render it inaccessible from the device, but I'm not sure how you'd manage the subscription issue then. If you did this, the content would still be listed in their library, but they wouldn't be able to access it, unless you've enabled the offline feature.

Another option would be to publish for HTML5 instead. They could then access the link to the project in Safari and would have to view it through that browser. This way, the content will no longer be available in the AMP library. However, you'll want to make sure that all of the features you've included in your course are supported in HTML5 output.

You may want to review this chart which compares Storyline's Flash, HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player output.

Hope that helps!

Hello Hello1

Hi Ashley

Thanks for your reply.

Users have to login to my site first and then are automatically take to their course. When they attempt to open a course via iPad they are transferred to the Articulate Mobile Player. Although I haven't enabled the offline feature and deleted the files (i.e. there is no longer a URL link) the course still opens. This would suggest that the course has been downloaded to the player rather than pulling the course directly from my website. When I publish the courses, I also ensure HTML is ticked also. Interestingly I have downloaded other Storyline files to the player (from other users) and it does prompt me to say that it is downloading the file. This however has never happened when I've opened my own files so I assumed it wasn't being downloaded.

Just very confused as I've tested this in lots of different ways and content that no longer exists on my site is still being accessed on my iPad. Very worried now that my users have free use of my courses forever.

Any further help or suggestions would be appreciated!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi G,

What version of the mobile player are you using? The newest version is the update 2.23. The downloading message you should typically see when the course is first accessed - as then it's saved in the player, but referencing the URL where the content is hosted. Since it sounds like some of your courses are behaving oddly, I wonder if you could share a link to one for me? You could send it as a private message and I can open it within the Mobile player. I'd like to see if I see the message about the downloading since you don't see it while using the mobile player.

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