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I am new to e-Learning and Articulate, and I am trying to download some of the practice files from the website so I can practice with Triggers and State Changes. When I attempt to download, my computer says it cannot open the files, and I need to look for an app to help me open them. My questions is, which app do you recommend to help me open the practice files? Has anyone else encountered this problem before? Thanks!



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael!

If you are referring to the practice files that go along with our Getting Started Tutorials, then the documentation here will guide you through how to use the software.

As far as the practice files, they should download as a zip file, so be sure to extract them and they should then open in Storyline. Have you downloaded the trial of the software?

Donald Edwards

It would be nice if there could be a video that specifically deals with this issue, as there seems to be a lot of confusion as to how to have access to these practice files.   Since after the initial introduction, it says, "Now, go ahead and practice on your own with your practice files."   Why not simply make these files available on a regular Word document and be done with it?  Forget about the zip file connumdrum.  Thanks

Crystal Horn

Just linking to my answer here!  Also, because the practice files contain multiple assets such as PowerPoint files, Storyline files and other media to get you started, we want to protect them on the server and make them easy to download.  Compressing that content into a zip file is the best way to do it!

Let me know if you need a hand grabbing the files.